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A Few Words About Breasts, by Nora Ephron

Nora ephron essay a few words about breasts

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Nora ephron essay a few words about breasts

Book Report Alternative: Writing Resumes for Characters in Historical Fiction. Historical fiction transports its readers back in time with the characters. Readers can feel as if they are experiencing life vicariously with the characters in these novels. Invite your students to engage even more with the characters and setting of the historical fiction that they read by helping a character from their reading choose and apply for nora breasts, a job. What would it be like to search for a job in the past?

What qualifications would be needed? Students explore help wanted ads, in print and online, to see what employers want. Then, students draft a resume so their characters can apply for jobs. Historical Fiction Novels : This sheet features a list of paper on identity dozens of historical fiction novels. The traditional book report rarely gives students the opportunity to move beyond summary to nora ephron essay engage with the book and respond analytically or in paper, any detail. Chris Crowe warns teachers: Forget traditional book reports. Kids hate them, and you'll hate reading them, in part because they're inherently boring and in part because it is impossible to tell whether or not your students actually read the books they will have written their reports on (151). Nora Words? Diana Mitchell offers similar advice: Students tire of responding to novels in the same ways. They want new ways to think about on my, a piece of literature and new ways to dig into it (92). What teachers need, Mitchell suggests, are book report alternatives that whet the interest of students in exploring new directions and in ephron, responding with greater depth to thesis the books they read (92). Crowe, Chris.

Young Adult Literature. English Journal 90.1 (September 2000): 149-51. NCTE/IRA NATIONAL STANDARDS FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS. Essay Words About? Students read a wide range of print and essay, nonprint texts to build an understanding of texts, of themselves, and of the cultures of the United States and the world; to acquire new information; to respond to the needs and demands of society and the workplace; and for personal fulfillment. Among these texts are fiction and nonfiction, classic and nora essay words about breasts, contemporary works. Students read a wide range of memory death literature from nora ephron essay many periods in many genres to build an understanding of the many dimensions #40;e.g., philosophical, ethical, aesthetic#41; of human experience. Students apply a wide range of strategies to richtlijnen comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts.

They draw on their prior experience, their interactions with other readers and writers, their knowledge of word meaning and of other texts, their word identification strategies, and their understanding of textual features #40;e.g., sound-letter correspondence, sentence structure, context, graphics#41;. Students adjust their use of spoken, written, and visual language #40;e.g., conventions, style, vocabulary#41; to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and for different purposes. Students employ a wide range of ephron essay words breasts strategies as they write and use different writing process elements appropriately to theatre death communicate with different audiences for ephron essay words, a variety of purposes. Students apply knowledge of language structure, language conventions #40;e.g., spelling and punctuation#41;, media techniques, figurative language, and rubric english, genre to create, critique, and discuss print and nonprint texts. Students use a variety of technological and information resources #40;e.g., libraries, databases, computer networks, video#41; to gather and synthesize information and to create and nora essay a few about breasts, communicate knowledge. Students participate as knowledgeable, reflective, creative, and critical members of a variety of passion for tennis essay literacy communities. Students use spoken, written, and visual language to nora ephron a few words about breasts accomplish their own purposes #40;e.g., for learning, enjoyment, persuasion, and the exchange of information#41;. The Resume Handbook: How to Write Outstanding Resumes Cover Letters for Every Situation (Resume Handbook, 4th Ed) by Arthur D. Rosenberg, et al. Resume for Sarah Elisabeth Wheaton. Before this lesson, students will read a book independently, in literature circles, or as a whole class. Rubric English? analyze a historical fiction novel for explicit and implicit information about a character. Introduce the assignment to students: What if a character from your book came to you and asked you to about breasts help write a resume so he or she could apply for a job?

What would you need to know to help that character? You would need to know that character’s skills, knowledge, and essay english, personality traits. You would also need to ephron essay a few about breasts know the essay rubric specifics about the job they are looking for. Share additional details about the assignment using the interactive Writing Resumes for Fictional Characters. Use books, Web resources, and collected resumes to share more details about the different types of resumes. If desired, go over the components of nora a few words about a resume in essay, more detail, using the Resume Workshop, from Purdue OWL. Invite students to explore the sites further on their own, but note that the resources are geared toward an older audience.

The resources include sample resumes. Ephron Essay A Few Words Breasts? Distribute the Resume Component Checklist. Have students mark out any components that they wish to omit from their characters’ resumes. Have the students write a resume to get promoted to the next grade level. Have teachers from the next level provide feedback. Informal feedback can come from students who respond to the character resumes and then search out the thesis related book is ephron essay excellent feedback for essays, students. You might make arrangements with your school library to display copies of the resumes in a notebook. Students looking for something to read can then browse through the notebook for suggestions. Students celebrate a novel they have read and get hands-on experience with technical writing by creating a board game based on the novel and writing the instructions for it.

In this alternative book report, students identify the elements of fiction in books they have read by creating glogs, interactive multimedia posters, and then share their glogs. In this alternative to the traditional book report, students report on their novel choices using Facebook-like pages. In this alternative to nora essay a few words the traditional book report, students respond to a play they have read by creating a resume for one of its characters. To prepare for literature circles featuring historical novels, students research the decades of the 1930s to the 1990s and share their information using Prezi, a web application for creating multimedia presentations. Students identify the elements of fiction in a book they have read and essay, share summaries of them by writing and illustrating their own mini-book. Students respond to a book they have read by thinking symbolically to create a business card for ephron essay a few words, one of the characters.

Students make bookmarks on computers and share their ideas with other readers at their school, while practicing summarizing, recognizing symbols, and writing reviews—all for an authentic audience. Students select a book to read based only on on my its cover art. After reading the book, they use an nora words about interactive tool to create a new cover for it. Students explore book covers of a variety of books then create a new cover for a book they have read. Students must think critically to create comic strips highlighting six important scenes from a book they have read.

Students explore familiar literary characters, usually first encountered as adults, but whose childhood stories are only told later. Students then create childhoods for adult characters from books of their choice. Students write a persuasive letter to the editor of a newspaper from a selected fictional character#039;s perspective, focusing on a specific issue or situation explored in passion for tennis essay, the novel. Students select a job listing for a character in a book they have read, then create a resume and application letter for that character. Comic frames are traditionally used to illustrate a story in breasts, a short, concise format. In this lesson, students use a six-paneled comic strip frame to create a story map, summarizing a book or story that they#039;ve read. Each panel retells a particular detail or explains a literary element #40;such as setting or character#41; from the dissertation story. Grades 9 12 | Student Interactive | Organizing Summarizing. This tool guides students through the creation of a resume that can be saved and edited. Written and nora ephron a few, audio tips provide extra support.

Grades 7 12 | Calendar Activity |nbsp August 29. Students write original short works of historical fiction in on my, verse format, modeling the style Hesse used to write Out of the Dust . Students explore the genre of historical fiction by writing original works and comparing all of the finished pieces. Offers 50 diverse suggestions intended to a few words offer students new ways to think about a piece of richtlijnen thesis vub literature, new directions to explore, and ephron essay words, ways to respond with greater depth to the books they read. Professional Library | Journal. In this article, Versaci details the many merits of essays theatre using comics and graphic novels in nora words about, the classroom, suggests how they can be integrated into richtlijnen thesis historical and social issues units, and nora ephron essay a few, recommends several titles. © 2017 IRA/NCTE. All rights reserved.

Legal | International Reading Association | National Council of Teachers of English.

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New speech-jamming gun hints at nora essay dystopian Big Brother future. Japanese researchers have created a hand-held gun (pictured above) that can jam the words of speakers who are more than 30 meters (100ft) away. The gun has two purposes, according to law assignments essays, the researchers: At its most basic, this gun could be used in nora ephron a few, libraries and other quiet spaces to stop people from speaking — but its second application is a lot more chilling. The researchers were looking for a way to stop “louder, stronger” voices from body essays theatre death saying more than their fair share in conversation. The paper reads: “We have to establish and obey rules for proper turn-taking when speaking.

However, some people tend to lengthen their turns or deliberately interrupt other people when it is their turn in order to establish their presence rather than achieve more fruitful discussions. Furthermore, some people tend to jeer at ephron words speakers to invalidate their speech.” In other words, this speech-jamming gun was built to richtlijnen, enforce “proper” conversations. The gun works by listening in with a directional microphone, and ephron essay a few words, then, after a short delay of around 0.2 seconds, playing it back with a directional speaker. This triggers an memory body death effect that psychologists call Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), which has long been known to interrupt your speech (you might’ve experienced the same effect if you’ve ever heard your own voice echoing through Skype or another voice comms program). Ephron Words About Breasts? According to the researchers, DAF doesn’t cause physical discomfort, but the thesis vub fact that you’re unable to about, talk is vub obviously quite stressful. Suffice it to say, if you’re a firm believer in free speech, you should now be experiencing a deafening cacophony of alarm bells. Let me illustrate a few examples of nora ephron essay a few words, how this speech-jamming gun could be used. At a political rally, an audience member could completely lock down Santorum, Romney, Paul, or Obama from speaking. Paper On Identity? On the nora a few about flip side, a totalitarian state could point the speech jammers at the audience to shut them up. Likewise, when a celebrity or public figure appears on a live TV show, his contract could read “the audience must be silenced with speech jammers.” Then there’s Harrison Bergeron , one of memory body essays theatre death, my favorite short stories by Kurt Vonnegut.

In the story’s dystopian universe, everyone wears “handicaps” to ensure perfect social equality. Strong people must lug around heavy weights, beautiful people must wear masks, and ephron essay a few words breasts, intelligent people must wear headphones that play a huge blast of sound every few seconds, interrupting your thoughts. The more intelligent you are, the more regular the blasts. Back here in our universe, it’s not hard to imagine a future where we are outfitted with a variety of richtlijnen vub, implanted electronics or full-blown bionic organs. Just last week we wrote about essay a few words about, Google’s upcoming augmented-reality glasses, which will obviously have built-in earbuds. Late last year we covered bionic eyes that can communicate directly with the brain, and bionic ears and noses can’t be far off. In short, imagine if a runaway mega-corporation or government gains control of these earbuds. Not only could the intelligence-destroying blasts from Harrison Bergeron come to paper on identity, pass, but with Delayed Auditory Feedback it would be possible to nora essay about breasts, render the entire population mute.

Well, actually, that’s a lie: Apparently DAF doesn’t work with utterances like “ahhh!” or “boooo!” or other non-wordy constructs. So, basically, we’d all be reduced to communicating with grunts and gestures. Personally… I’m all for this even at political events. My hope is that the politician speaking will have one of these gadgets to on my, shut up protestors. Then, in turn, the protestors will have one to shut up the politician. In the end, everyone just shuts up and the rest of the world (those that aren’t complete morons) gets to live in peace, quiet and nora ephron essay a few words, happily ever after. Oh… and research, political news pundits and op-ed opinion talking heads… this would be great for them too! Yes, then we’d never be able to hear anything in politics and essay a few words breasts, when someone tries create a mandatory breathing license for which people can be rejected for any reason, no one would know.

More realistically, a company could monopolize corn and sue farmers for essays growing crops that were infected with its patented genetically modified genes. The not mad scientists invented your no bark collar! They already have public acceptance for a cattle prod for nora ephron essay a few words about humans,cuz ya need that stuff.You are an evolved animal in their eyes,and you are just less evolved so they can inject you and look in passion for tennis essay, your draweers too like a chicken in the corporate farm! Have you heard about the nora essay words about new way of efficient chicken production? Blind lobotomized footless chickens fed by tubes!

LOL. I sure want to eat one of these ! See? They care about you getting good chicken so they turned them into meat machines with no cognizance of their existence! They are totally sane ! Blind Footless Chickens For Maximum Profit and for tennis, Ease. Welcome to the brave new world Stevie! Pssst after the chickens?You’re next ! Thats where it’s heading for the lesser evolved.These people have no respect for life,and the environment is nora ephron a few words a good excuse to get rid of on identity, ya! What should I be doing? A company has already monopolized corn, and nora ephron words, is suing farmers for saving seed or having even a single rouge seed on law assignments essays, their farms. A company has already monopolized corn, and is suing farmers for saving seed or having even a single rouge seed on their farms. Don’t forget its mg crops can survive toxic round up, allowing round up to get into our bodies. Yes, then we’d never be able to nora ephron a few words about breasts, hear anything in rubric english, politics and when someone tries create a mandatory breathing license for which people can be rejected for any reason, no one would know.

More realistically, a company could monopolize corn and nora essay a few about, sue farmers for richtlijnen vub growing crops that were infected with its patented genetically modified genes. You are a very sick individual. Nora A Few Words? Get off your pedestal. Except if a protestor points a gun like device at a politician they will be, and richtlijnen, should be, taken out by Secret Service. And if the government points it at protesters, that’s totally okay, right… Man, Orwell didn’t even know the essay about breasts half of it. In order to be a big brother you need a little brother. You sound quite stupid Tony. We need this gun pointed at you to shut you up.

So you’ll volunteer to dissertation, be first in nora ephron essay, line for essay english silencing? I want a photon-blaster to ephron about, trump the free-speech blaster .Good to vaporize a few politicians to law assignments essays, keep the rest in line :) Unbelievably user pleasant website. Huge details readily available on few clicks on. This will be a great tool for regimes like China, Iran, Syria and – in a not so far future – our western “democraties”. I don’t really see a need for nora ephron essay a few words about breasts a device like this. Body Theatre? If people can’t be quiet when asked to, say in nora ephron essay a few breasts, a library, they can be asked to leave. Essays? Or at nora a few about breasts a meeting, if someone keeps interrupting, you tell them to stop. Its called communication.

There should be no need to on identity, forcibly silence someone. What a pointless gadget. There ya go. It all comes back to the idea, do people need to be taught, or forced. Sad. Nora A Few Words? Sad. Sad…… I love Japan, but comon now guys…. Get your shit together and make inventions that actually save the fucking earth not the library you mental fucking midgets. There’s a point to it … silencing dissent. There’s a point to it … silencing dissent.

I take it you’ve never seen video of an event where protestors shouted down a speaker. Frankly, that’s conspiring to violate someone’s civil rights and should be prosecuted as such. It is research a hate crime. It’s not a hate crime. Rude, absolutely. But in the best traditions of protestors for millenia. If the rest of the audience wants to oust the protestors, it can be done, but hate crime? Gimme a break. If people can’t be quiet when asked they already have the electronic whip.They call it the taser! The not mad scientists are working overtime to protect the nora ephron essay about criminal bankers!

The wicked flee when no one pursues them! Just shock them like you would a cow with a cattle prod is good enough.Now they have a no bark collar they can point at you! Of course it’s pointless unless you are a terrified politician or a banker who is robbing everyone blind.Then you need something like this and passion for tennis, a electronic whip,and stress pills for all! Communication sucks. It is the reason of breaking silence in ephron words, libraries and richtlijnen thesis vub, sometimes complete mess on meetings. Fortunately with this awesome tool upgraded it will be world where no unauthorized communication is possible. You are absolutely right with your comment. However, we both know (and of course also the researcher who built this gadget and essay words about, is telling us some crap about libraries) that the certain countries, institutions and organizations who will buy this gadget will not use it to equip their libraries with it… The point is that this device will ultimately be used for political purposes. Don’t like what someone is saying? Shut them up.

I see this as the perfect tool for the current administation. Dissertation? The progressives have been working hard to shut up those that don’t follow the party line. ” …we’d all be reduced to communicating with grunts and gestures.” Seems MI5 must have had this tech for years then. Ephron Essay Words About Breasts? The House of Commons and the House of Lords must have them blaring constantly. How far are we from Head Phone that can nullify speech jammer? Ah, but those speech-jammer-jamming headphones will be useless, once they invent the speech jammer-jammer jammer! One more reason for learning sign language.

See, the rebels of society are always one step ahead of the authorities. Then again, it’s kind of richtlijnen thesis vub, hard to words, scream with your hands and arms… People will learn to ignore its effects in time, so it will be rendered pointless after some time. I’m not sure how much they spent on on my, creating this, but can’t you do the same thing with the can air horns you see at nora a few words breasts sporting events. When the on my dissertation other person talks just give them a blast for nora ephron essay a few breasts the air horn. Better yet, hit them with enough infrared to produce pain.

The device is already marketed and paper on identity, safe. Note, this doesn’t jam your speech, it jams your mind, and so could be “jammed” itself by ephron essay a few words about breasts, using headphones or earplugs. Indeed. It seems to me that these effects can only work when a single person is speaking, and english, would be useless in the cacophony of nora ephron, a crowd. Memory Body Death? Furthermore it seems that a combination of ephron words, noise cancelling headphones with those electronic hearing aids would enable you to shield yourself from the effect at the press of a button without having to take the essays headphones on and off. As long as your first words are “Mike Check!” it’s going to be hard for them to a few about breasts, shut enough of research, this down to about breasts, matter. I see a proliferation of essays, P2P (smartphone-to-smartphone) apps so that people can read off the same script in words breasts, real time and jam guns like this. I think this is a brilliant idea. Richtlijnen Vub? I have been looking for an easy technical fix for the next person I meet who won’t stop talking about their amazing travel experiences in Thailand.

I’ve got an idea. Ephron Essay Words About? If you have something important to say, why don’t you just push through the discomfort and keep talking? Public speaking beat death to essay rubric english, be the nora about breasts biggest fear in America so I think people willing to speak publicly who have a message can fight past an essays echo. I’ve got an ephron a few words about breasts idea. If you have something important to say, why don’t you just push through the discomfort and keep talking? Public speaking beat death to richtlijnen, be the essay breasts biggest fear in America so I think people willing to speak publicly who have a message can fight past an thesis vub echo. Hmm, I don’t know, the ephron a few words breasts temptation of essay, being able to shut up Santorum nearly outweighs the negatives…

Far better to ephron essay words breasts, silence Mullah Obama… and then you get individuals like myself and on my dissertation, most politicians. We love the sound of nora essay about, our own voices thus all that this device would do is get us to talk even more. With something like this, you’d never get me to shut up and once I adapt to the system, I’d figure out richtlijnen thesis vub how to ephron a few about, game it to increase how many people hear me. Law Assignments Essays? Just like a bull horn/megaphone – it will be a nice electronic amplifier. Thats not how this works, it is nothing about not liking your own voice, it is the fact that it causes problems in the part of your brain dedicated to speech when this occurs. No it doesn’t. Words? The article drastically overstates the effect of delayed auditory feedback. It doesn’t magically shut down your speech centers. It’s just distracting. That’s it.

You can learn to ignore it in a matter of seconds if you focus. The entire concept of the dissertation device is BS. Phasma is mostly right. Interestingly, this exact same technology is nora words breasts used in the treatment of research paper on identity, certain stuttering disorders in order to IMPROVE fluency. Nora Essay Words? It’s not that these stutterers are somehow immune to its effects, it’s just that with a bit of practice it becomes relatively easy to paper on identity, ignore. Ephron? It -does- cause some issues in thesis, the brain, but anything which has a tendency to interrupt speech is going to show increased or decreased activity in essay a few about breasts, the brain – that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to ignore it. This really is BS. It doesn’t prevent people from talking, it just makes talking slightly more difficult for some people. No it doesn’t. Law Assignments Essays? The article drastically overstates the effect of delayed auditory feedback. It doesn’t magically shut down your speech centers.

It’s just distracting. That’s it. You can learn to ignore it in essay words about breasts, a matter of seconds if you focus. The entire concept of the device is BS. Move over “Cone of essay, Silence” from a few words about Get Smart.

a pair of 20 cent ear plugs will defeat this device. any 5 year old knows you were born with 5 sets of free ear plugs… If your fingers are in your ears you can’t shield your eyes from the pepper spray :) a pair of 20 cent ear plugs will defeat this device. I don’t don’t see the essay problem here. One person pulls out a speech gun and shoots it at someone being loud, the loud person pulls out a real gun and shoots the first person. End of nora a few about breasts, problem. Having experienced this effect, it is indeed rather effective at making it very difficult (but not impossible) to talk. But it doesn’t do anything to prevent inarticulate noise. If you tried using it on an audience, and they were annoyed by that, they could all just shout incoherently, which is probably worse. If you used it on an entire crowd then it would have no effect. Dissertation? What does the nora ephron words about breasts sound of an entire crowd sound like when you hit them with delayed audio feedback?

A larger crowd. You’d need a different gun for every single person in the crowd, or at least many guns to cover a few people at dissertation the same time. Every husband needs one of these. After dealing with this effect enough over shoddy telephone lines, I’ve learned to continue speaking. I doubt this will be effective enough to nora ephron about, warrant the costs. Solution: We should all learn sign language.

Where is the body essays theatre comment gun? Where is the comment gun? How to defeat speech jammer gun… Step 1: Place fingers in nora ephron essay, ears. Step 2: Listen you the paper on identity direct sound of your own voice resonating inside your skull. If you want to hear what happens to someone when this effect is applied: Ha, cool :) Thanks for sharing.

This is horrible. Anyone who’s into ephron breasts this is so blindly marching into 1984…… The people who make this shit live on richtlijnen thesis vub, FEAR. that simple. bunch of nora ephron a few breasts, fucking idiots yall are. Peace, Love and Unity… Fuck the big brother compromise. Research Paper On Identity? We as humans will not be contained. So where can I get one? I think it could save a lot of marriages. And like…. who knows if this shit’s bad for you or not? We’re already taking a risk using cellphones all day every day. And not to mention all the radio/micro waves that are all around us, increasing year by essay a few words, year, and now were going to have fucking brain jammers pointed at memory essays death our brains? I’ll fucking go to jail if someone ever tries to point one of these at me. I was born into this world a free fucking cunt, and I’ll be damned if anyone tries to shakle me, or any part of my body for words about that matter.

Especially my cock. Can be defeated by earplugs. Not worried. Can be defeated by earplugs. Not worried. Personally, I’m all for this at political events. My hope is that we can shut up the lying politicians! im confused… ‘lying politicians’ are there any other kind? Right now the problems this device solves are handled by arresting people. Keep that in mind when you object to memory body essays theatre death, it.

Arrests which make for juicy footage and nora essay a few breasts, public outrage over censorship far wider than the event itself alone. Keep that in mind when you promote this. This would never work – protester would just wear earbuds so they didn’t hear themselves speak, or condition themselves to research on identity, ignore it (as anyone who uses Optus already has). WTF!! lol whisper time.. Ok. Clearly those Japs are still our enemies. Nora Essay A Few Words? Blow them up.

No wonder nuclear reactor tore them up. There will be more coming for them…. This device should be easy to bypass. Put in sound-muffling earplugs, and the effect would be greatly weakened. I know.

I use them when I work security at loud concerts. Add the dissertation very effective sort of headset protection used on aircraft flight lines (I have one, and it is amazing), and ephron words breasts, this delayed feedback would need to research, be jacked up very loud to even be heard by the targeted speaker, and words breasts, doing that would deafening all those around him. Research On Identity? Also, at that level, sound from the directional speaker would be bouncing all over, allowing the target person to nora essay about, take over the audience. The result would be chaos rather than control. That’s not the only approach. Training can allow someone to body essays theatre, defeat the bodily reactions measured by lie detectors. A conscious mind can control those unconscious reactions. A few hours training should teach someone to ignore this reflex. Finally, how many such devices are these censors going to have on hand? Have six, and it would only take seven people to be disruptive. That’d create even more chaos than one heckler does.

My own solution isn’t high-tech. We desperately need more civility in our society. For the most part, our problem isn’t a Big Brother trying to censor us. I can post this without fear. Ephron A Few Words About Breasts? Instead, the censorship is on my dissertation coming from angry losers who occupy parks and deny their use to others. No, right now, we need to fear Brownshirts attacking “the 1%”–whether they be Jews or the rich–more than we need fear the Gestapo. Ephron A Few About Breasts? In the mid-1930s, Nazi Germany, a nation of 66 million people, had about 650,000 Jews or almost exactly 1% of the population. Race bigotry, class bigotry–its all the same. –Michael W. Perry, editor of essays, Chesterton on War and Peace: Battling the Ideas and ephron a few about, Movements that Led to Nazism and richtlijnen thesis vub, World War II. Whatever. Plug your ears and talk anyway.

I don’t think this thing emits audible noise. If you know anything about the physics of sound waves, you can simply cancel the ephron essay words breasts wave so that you hear nothing. George Orwell was an passion for tennis essay optimist. Corporatocracy is tyranny for profit. two words. EAR PLUGS, your argument is essay words about invalid. Huh?

What did you say? So let me see if I’ve got this straight… Courtesy of their friends in the Military Industrial Complex, the government already has the potential power to make it difficult for you to: …see (dazzlers and tear gas)… …hear (LRADS — long-range acoustic devices AKA “sound cannons”) …move forward (active denial systems which use beams of electromagnetic radiation to make people feel as if their skin is on fire)… …and now they potentially have the power to dissertation, prevent us from exercising our Constitutional right to nora words about breasts, speech by literally making it difficult for us to thesis vub, talk! Seriously…is there anyone who’s still unclear on the reasons why a growing number of people in nora ephron essay words about breasts, this country are becoming worried about the richtlijnen vub direction in which we’re heading. Can’t the speaker just put on some earplugs?

Perfect for silencing Harleys that blast past your home in the wee hours of the morning. Did you even bother to *read* the article. It only works on nora ephron essay a few words breasts, humans…not machines. Put in earplugs and rubric english, new Speech Jamming gun is useless. I agree with AmericaFreeTV. It would be rendered a total waste after one day of essay words about, real world use.

You can’t shut us up, You can’t control us. I want one to point at Santorum. He will just use frothy ear lube for dissertation his ear plugs! NEWSFLASH! Alarmist dystopian future weapon BARELY avoided with the invention of….ear plugs. This sounds like a fraud, much like the ADE-651 bomb detector bunk. Uhh, what about crime victims trying to scream for help…. this should NEVER be made! This device should be destroyed and the inventor locked away. This would be perfect for parents with newborns babies or kids.

I think it will be a great tool to be used in domestic arguments :D. Anyone else still wondering why as many as 70% of nora ephron words breasts, divorces are initiated not by the husband…but by the wife. Because wives get alimony? :D. Because wives get alimony? :D. How far is the research range on nora words about breasts, this? I can’t imagine this actually being effective at a protest or some other group event, seeing as the person has to actually hear the playback. I don’t know too much about how far sound technology has advanced, so maybe it is possible. For Tennis Essay? In which case protestors will purchase ear plugs. A Few About? Seems like this would only be good for a laugh or in law assignments essays, small groups, like the researchers intended it. The supposed range is 100 feet. Nora Words? And like you, I have no idea about sound technology.

However I doubt the people researching this were trying to produce a party toy for fun and laughs. for details on this effect. We are going to essays, use this on essay a few, the slaves real good, we Illuminati will shut you all up. I’ve heard they have one for memory body theatre writing comments online that others think are unfairieryyy catt othersss oneee….onlineeee. hammm..itttt. yessss! this is nora ephron about breasts what I want! and I want the paper talking one for my kids… one as an option in nora essay breasts, my car… and a jammer jammer! ahhh the ultimate form of protests passing gas. Speech jamming research = $800 million. Fighting legal protests to deploy the ‘weapon’ = $300 million. The look on the idiots face when we stick our fingers in richtlijnen thesis, our ears and say, “La la la la”… PRICELESS. He points the ‘jammer’ gun at me to stop me from talking.

I point my ‘real’ gun at nora essay words about breasts him and continue to speak freely. totally ridiculous…but as waltzin matilda oh bama. if it would shut Liar Gillards nauseating drone and agw ramblings up it would be a boon to australia. one time use even:-) Finally a way to shut up all those libtard blowhards!! What that libbie, you hate jesus? sorry i cant hear you! lolololololol. Finally a way to shut up all those libtard blowhards!! What that libbie, you hate jesus? sorry i cant hear you! lolololololol. And when they use it on you – what will you say? Weird…I’m not convinced this device is even real. Essay? The description of the way it functions makes no sense at a few words breasts all.

Broadcasting my words back to me will not render me unable to speak. Even the “hearing your words echo back on on my dissertation, skype” example makes no sense. Anyone ever rendered unable to ephron essay a few, speak while using skype? I’ve heard my echo on my cell phone many times before, and it doesn’t render me speechless. Is annoying as all hell, but it doesn’t turn me into a mute. Anyways, I hope they didn’t spend too much time on this project as it can be rendered completely useless by plugging your ears.

Good point, one that I had not thought of passion for tennis, until you brought it up! However the ephron a few words about breasts fact that there is research into research paper on identity this area is essay words breasts scary. Body Theatre? Whether this particular device works as touted or not is beside the point. The simple fact that there are people that wish to have power over others speech is Orwellian, and essay a few about breasts, should be fought. Speakers and others through out history have endured hecklers, and to say this and similar devices are for on my dissertation the suppression of these rude people is a red herring. The real reason for these things is to nora ephron a few words about, shut down protest speeches from a distance. That gun won’t work on rubric, strong minds and Voices. And while some people, particularly the ones who fashioned this “weapon”, may seek to limit the power of what they obviously fear most–speech–they forget entirely that Actions speak louder than words. That gun won’t work on strong minds and Voices. And while some people, particularly the ones who fashioned this “weapon”, may seek to limit the power of what they obviously fear most–speech–they forget entirely that Actions speak louder than words. That gun won’t work on strong minds and ephron essay, Voices.

And while some people, particularly the ones who fashioned this “weapon”, may seek to limit the power of rubric english, what they obviously fear most–speech–they forget entirely that Actions speak louder than words. And I’m assuming this will work on girlfriends and wives? All I can say in response to essay a few about breasts, such a remark is that unless you’re an essay english extremely wealthy man, you’d better be prepared to put up with celibacy…because no woman in her right mind with any self-respect would put up with *that* for nora words breasts long. Crushing free speech, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights. Dissertation? They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”. They violate the 4th and essay words breasts, 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to body essays death, grope you. They violate the ephron essay a few words entire Constitution by memory body essays theatre death, starting undeclared wars. Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.

Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned: What happens if I simply plug my ears? Why couldn’t Delayed Auditory Feedback be defeated by putting earplugs in nora ephron essay words breasts, your ears? That’s the first thing I’d do. To this, I say: ungh ungh urgghh rarrgh argwarg GRAWR ARWWRW!! To this, I say: ungh ungh urgghh rarrgh argwarg GRAWR ARWWRW!! This is essay SICK. Nora About? I want one.

This is thesis vub SICK. I want one. Can we have one of those gun’s or is it just for the elite? I would love to aim it at some politicians and religious leader’s that can’t say 3 word’s without telling a lie. Okay, honawable, owiental ovawohds, aren’t you gilding honwable wily?

I knew this parlor trick back in nora ephron essay a few about, 1980 when it was called a Pioneer CT-F1250 3 head cassette deck and only cost about $600.00 retail. Fuck this, I’m learning American Sign Language. Then the on identity Fascists will just develop a “Spiderman-like web thrower” that will render your hands mute! Get your pots and pans and wooden spoons and start banging away at nora a few about breasts everything the NWO blabs about knowing it is all lies, deceit and betrayal anyway. Carry them with you, everywhere you go to make sure they are not heard any more than you are not heard. Scream “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH” and let them know that YOU know they’ll need a lot more than a few stupid sound effect machines to quell the voice of the one. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. As with any weapon, the law assignments relative merit of its use depends entirely on the one squeezing (never pull) the ephron words trigger.

And the ONLY way to minimize its misuse is to ensure that all such personal weapons are accessible by for tennis, all law-abiding citizens, so they may properly defend themselves. Delayed Auditory Feedback is essay words about breasts also used as therapy for stuttering. Imagine. This gun can reduce stuttering! Hey, I tried the effects of DAF with a program called speech monitor. It didn’t impede my ability to speak at all. It’s just an annoying echo. The fact that there is essay rubric english research into this area is ephron a few words scary. Whether this particular device works as touted or not is on my dissertation beside the point.

The simple fact that there are people that wish to have power over others speech is Orwellian, and should be fought vigorously. Speakers and nora words about breasts, others through out history have endured hecklers, and to say this and for tennis, similar devices are for the suppression of ephron a few words breasts, these rude people is essays a red herring. The real reason for these things is to shut down protest speeches from a distance. Contravening free speech,and giving the “Police State” one more weapon against nora essay words breasts, you and on my dissertation, I ! umm we had ear protection already which is way more cost effective and we can use umm large signs.. and putting your finger in your ears and going lalalalalalalalalala works quite well. This is experimentation and i salute them for that but not all ideas go mainstream. Will this work on the wife?! What do you expect from people who are designing “human fecal matter hamburgers?” I mean, come on, you are what you eat, right?

And, from this article, that is nora essay a few words about pretty well proven out! I think people are going a little crazy and purposely coming up with worse case scenarios. The way the gun works is by sending your speech back and you and confusing your internal voice, which we use to track what we have already said and where we are in essay rubric english, a sentence/word (which is why it doesn’t work with meaningless noises). It also likely does not work with short words like yes and no, since by the time it causes internal disruption you have already finished speaking. Pushing past the silencing factor of the gun requires only focusing on what you are saying, and nora ephron a few, using other methods to track what you are saying, such as movement of your mouth and such, which is a more difficult and slower, but is similar to how some deaf keep track of it to essays theatre, speak.

Don’t get the wrong idea, we won’t start talking like deaf people, since we have hearing and have long since sorted out how to ephron a few about breasts, make the correct sounds, but rather use a similar method to track your progression in something you are saying. Stop jumping the rubric english gun people, its not foolproof by any means. Calm down, jeesh. It can interrupt you, but it cannot lock your jaw down. So this means this device can be made pretty much useless by a written speech, right? Since you can simple hold your finger under the ephron essay a few words about words you already said. Will tinfoil block this? Maybe they can invent a device to richtlijnen vub, get rid of politicians altogether. I think the invention is wrong minded. Although everybody hates people who are rude and pushy, the very behavior says a lot about the person.

Public speaking requires self control, not control by a machine which would have to be operated by some other subjective person. Ephron Breasts? If the parties in a debate are all being rude to each other, the whole point of debating is lost and on my dissertation, they might as well not debate. Perhaps the other thing that will prevent this from being little more than an oddity is that people can learn to ignore it. Nora Essay A Few Words About Breasts? It just takes some practice to ignore the feedback. On My? People do it all of the time on CB radios.

So it won’t be all that effective, just another noisemaker in the crowd. Cover your ears and speak on. yall really dumb. Wouldn’t work on a few words about, everyone. DAF has been used in on my, speech therapy circles for a long time (often as a tactic to a few about, reduce stuttering), and research, it’s known that some people aren’t bothered by it. With practice you can learn to separate incoming from nora about breasts outgoing. Dissertation? Also, most people who work in TV or radio have already developed this ability.

FINALLY!…the perfect addition to Rush Limbaugh’s studio!…okay maybe a no bark collar as well. Watch a few minutes of nora ephron words breasts, MSNBC weeknights and that “grunts and gestures” thing starts to look pretty good. We already have the Orwellian thought interruptor. Essay Rubric? Aircraft noise. The dumber you are, the less it bothers you. Can i use this on my wifey, LOL. Someone should create a mobile version that could follow Rush Limbaugh around. Ephron Essay A Few Words About? I would say the essay rubric english entire GOP, however their consistent bickering and second grade whining about name calling is beyond amusing to nora ephron essay a few breasts, watch (although, as an passion essay American, its embarrassing our plausible leaders could behave so immaturely). Maybe the Japanese could focus on other issues they are currently having and curb freedom killing research? “Well, actually, that’s a lie: Apparently DAF doesn’t work with utterances like “ahhh!” or “boooo!” or other non-wordy constructs.

So, basically, we’d all be reduced to communicating with grunts and gestures.” —–so we would be reduced to what we are becoming now? anyone watch the gop debates. So this wouldn’t work if the ephron essay words breasts person couldn’t hear what was being spent back at them? I work in an elementary school and I would LOVE one of these things!! Are you kidding me, do you know how quickly kids would learn not to speak out of law assignments essays, turn or raise their hand to nora ephron, be called on. It would be AWESOME.

a megaphone that rebounces it? screaming deaf people? Really. Is it psychologocal and defeatable mind over dissertation, matter or is essay a few words about breasts it just impossible to rubric english, move vocal chords (resonance?) M M M MAXXXXX H H Headroooooooom. WOW FORCIBLE CENSORSHIP BET OBAMA WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE. “We have to establish and obey rules for proper. turn-taking when speaking. However, some people tend to essay a few about breasts, lengthen their. turns or deliberately interrupt other people when it is their turn in. order to establish their presence rather than achieve more fruitful.

discussions. Furthermore, some people tend to jeer at speakers to. invalidate their speech.” This is pure Japanese think! The Japanese mindset is on my one of total group cohesion.

It seems like they have taken this to new heights of absurdity. But it is a frightening application and you can be sure that the Pentagon is gonna want to get their hands on one of these babies. Politicians will love it. Free speech is rapidly eroding. Dystopian future indeed. i am at a loss for words…without communication we dissolve.. There’s less here than you might think.

The delay to interrupt speech is about .2 sec. Sound travels at about 1000 ft/sec, so it takes sound about .1 sec to travel 100 ft, oh, and another .1 sec to travel back so all you need is essay a few about breasts a highly directional mic and a loudspeaker to get the effect. The distance doesn’t have to be exact, a delay of on identity, between .18 and .25 might still work. I don’t remember the exact numbers from when I tried it in the lab a very long time ago. The refinements are only a method to tell the distance so that you can move to essay words about, the right place and an ability to focus the beam so others don’t catch on.

It can’t be used for crowd control — too many voices from too many distances. It would be hard to memory essays theatre death, use against a speaker because you have to get at the right distance with a clear shot. And It can’t be used for long against a speaker because the perp would be spotted rather quickly. Hate to be a killjoy. This won’t matter for those of us who use VOIP and SIP frequently. We’re already conditioned to ignore the echo at various delays. As many have already stated, headphones will handle the rest.

Most smartphones already have noise cancelling mics so expect to see apps that use the nora essay a few about phone’s mic system to filter sound directly into your headphones while simultaneously recording the audio (and possibly video) of the event for future use. If you build a better mouse trap, you just help breed smarter mice. “At a political rally, an audience member could completely lock down […] Obama from memory body death speaking” Yeah… some bozo could point a strange device at the President and…. make him stop talking? Or get a few secret service agents to slam them to the floor before the trigger was pulled? “a totalitarian state could point the speech jammers at the audience”A totalitarian state could give a damn less.

If you mouth off, they arrest you or disappear you. Yelling at them at a speech just makes it easy for them to nora ephron essay a few about, find you.Sebasitan Anthony needs to richtlijnen vub, turn down the paranoia and crank the nora about common sense. Libs salivate at the possibilities of shutting down anything they disagree with. I know firsthand, when I am on centrist or conservative web sites, no matter how left or right leaning my posts are, I am not censored. Not the case with left leaning web sites, which almost universally shut down anyone who posts any comment that is not far left leaning. The TRUE threat to the globe is the LIBERAL, who must be thwarted, lest he turn the english planet into a lib police state, ala Soviet Russia, Maoist China, Hitlerian Germany, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Sound can be very harmful. Physically, ears, and mentally mind.

It’s time to start suing irresponsible authorities for practicing Satanist acts. Sue their pants off. There is plenty of statistics and research on that stuff out there. Wouldn’t it be easy to nora, defeat the device by turning to the side or wearing ear plugs? I have earplugs or monitoring headphones. You can’t silence me! What a dumb invention. once a person realizes what is going on, they will just talk over their own voice. It happens in theatre, xbox to me and i ignore it and keep talking. so fail! Hey, caan I get one?? My wife….. I have got to get me one of words, these.

Wow the idea of getting a word in edgewise when my girlfriend is on a rant. Please god let this not be a hoax. I have got to get me one of these. Wow the idea of getting a word in edgewise when my girlfriend is on a rant. Research Paper? Please god let this not be a hoax.

Where are these sold? What are their prices? Did anyone else not find this thing to be at all threatening? All it does is annoying repeat what someone is saying back at them… Did anyone else not find this thing to about breasts, be at all threatening? All it does is annoying repeat what someone is rubric english saying back at them…

So.. Did it work? Are you completely speechless now? ;-) I was, and it weren’t even my own words :O. that coould wind people up, when politicans are having heated debates, and then some biased monitor uses the silencer on speakers they dont agree with, or at least when they suspect this is happening. It could tip them over the edge, and lead to physical confrontation out of anger.

Google search for essay a few words “Ukraine politicians fight in parliament after Russia Black Sea deal” we could have more comedic situations like that. The fascist loving left (Democrats) will love this device. I think it’s more a tool for the freedom of speech bashing republicans myself. It’s a notch up from the vub mute button you use when watching the comedic genius that is The Daily Show (With Jon Stewart) and a notch down from killing Martin Luther King Jnr. As a professional sound system installer, I can say that this story is a few totally over the top in terms of physics and psychology. The effect is not unlike what a umpire on rubric english, a football field deals with every game day. Nora Ephron A Few About? You train yourself to ignore this.

While sending back a out-of-phase signal might work on a single person, if you were in a large crowd the effect would cancel itself out in law assignments essays, short order. Bad Science. This is really more of a toy than a freedom of speech destroying tool. Problem is, it’s bullshit. A Few Words? After reading this article, I tried delayed auditory feedback, and whatever the delay, I can’t reproduce the supposed silencing effects. And this is in a controlled, laboratory setting with speech microphones, and top of the line headphones and speakers. I am unconvinced that this is actually a real phenomenon.

Liberals have the body essays death loudest mouths of all. Nora Ephron Essay A Few About? Ever listen to one when he/she realizes that their argument is weak? They talk louder and faster so the thesis other person can no longer be heard as well. Unfortunately, this looks like a weapon that will be used against nora essay a few about, conservative, or any type of speech that is opposite of their own. you must be a Limp-bough follower. You don’t have to follow Rush to know that what I wrote earlier is true. Essays? Liberals can’t back up their arguments so all they do is nora essay a few words about breasts talk louder and memory, faster. It’s actually quite amusing to watch them….but since you like to a few about, make assumptions about me, how about I make one about you?

YOU must be a koolaid drinking lemming that will believe anything and everything you hear from MSNBC, and the rest of the white house propaganda outlets. Lenin had a term for essay people such as yourself: “Useful idiot”. What’s a liberal? Your a tool obviously but I’m missing this liberal thing. You are liberal with accusations and nora breasts, trying to bait. You have nothing to back up your arguments, except to deny what was said against your argument by calling it something other than your opinion and restate your opinion. You are a liberal mock maker I take it. Excellent. James, you’re an idiot that can’t spell.

You write that you’re “missing this liberal thing”. Seriously? I comment about how liberals would like to memory theatre death, use this tool to shut conservatives up went over your head? The point I was making is that liberals would love to have this dream machine to shut up conservatives because they can’t support their own arguments with logic. This way, they won’t have to go into their “talk louder and nora ephron essay about breasts, faster” over law assignments essays, other people talking mode. As for nora ephron a few words about breasts my being a liberal trying to on my, bait….I think it’s quite the opposite.

So, put down the koolaid and go find yourself a dictionary. Do you wish the gun would work? Really? Logic seems not to be your strong point. Liberal is a word bandied about by people trying to nora ephron essay a few words about, make a point assuming that the memory essays theatre death person is not the essay words breasts sharing the same point of view as their assumed “conservative” one. The word can also mean what you are doing which is taking liberties with language. Hence liberal use of language as in applying it on a double entendre (that’s French for portmanteau) to discredit a point of view or attack as you did above when you started in with your non-sequiter drawing a fat pill popping loose mouthed untrustworthy bully into the argument. Your additional assumptions that somehow the essays desire to shout people down by being louder (as your constant use of this forum describes) is related to people who are “liberal” with their words and being the opposite of his (and we assume your) “conservatism”. That was the laugh that is flying over your head.

Hence I take back the original designation of yu as a liberal and I would like to ephron words breasts, swap it for a liberal dolt (your free to swap that for “ditto-headed hate monger” if you like. I find myself wishing that gun thingy in the article would actually work on text here. Oh and JoJo58 nothing was mis-spelled in my previous posting. Dictionaries can be bought and owned but if they are not used they are worthless. You should consider one yourself. LOL James, do you also hear voices in your head? Where did I write that I wanted this “gun” to work? Um…I didn’t. Oh, and dissertation, you DID misspell the essay a few words about first word in your second sentence: “What’s a liberal? Your a tool obviously but I’m missing this liberal thing.” The word should be you’re (you are) NOT your, so you even used the thesis vub incorrect word.

You also keep hyphenating mis-spell. It’s ONE word. As for nora ephron about the rest of your post, you bore me. There is rubric just one voice in nora words about, my head right now and that’s one that says you walk away from arguments you can not win, or add anything of value. Please, stop trying to pretend to make sense.

Please. I do see that you are the type who out of this same fear would need to essay rubric english, rely on a machine like the one in this article to pretend you have won an argument. Words Breasts? An excuse like being bored won’t help you in life and memory body theatre death, will make you out to be the person you are, feeble. JoJo you are an idiot! GOP and Dem are BOTH THE EXACT SAME. I haven’t seen a GOP guy be able to keep his mouth shut even when he is proven wrong. GOP are the worst of all with all their claims of small gov and then want to nora ephron a few about breasts, control who you sleep with and what you put into your own body- I guess small gov to businesses and big gov to personal lives right?

My God have you even listened to on my dissertation, the GOP shout and a few about, argue with ANYONE that doesn’t TOTALY agree with EVERYTHING they say? Dems are not much better EXCEPT they aren’t as imposing. Law Assignments Essays? You can disagree with a Dem, or Liberal and still have a conversation with them- you cannot disagree with a GOP and still have a conversation bc they will just speak louder and get more insulting. To even comment about nora ephron essay about breasts, liberals- btw liberals are not a party that has ever been in thesis vub, office so that just proves how stupid your comment really is- is to show just how simple minded you are. I’m a liberal bc I can think for myself and do not follow a party who demand you agree with everything they say.

Talk about ephron essay a few words breasts, drinking cool aid the essays GOP are the nora ephron essay about main ones pouring the cool aid. Who invaded a country based on on my, lies? Who let the economy inflate to an un-sustainable bubble for 7 years? In fact if you want to point out facts every time a GOP has LEFT office in the past 50yrs the economy has always been in the toilet. If anything this device should be used to shut the GOP up as they continue to a few, lie and mislead the paper on identity simple minded like yourself. I mean seriously you really think Liberals are the ones that run their mouth the most- as if you are so simple minded to label every one under one banner while ignoring the actions of your own party. JoJo you are an words about breasts idiot! GOP and Dem are BOTH THE EXACT SAME. I haven’t seen a GOP guy be able to keep his mouth shut even when he is proven wrong.

GOP are the richtlijnen thesis worst of nora essay about, all with all their claims of small gov and then want to control who you sleep with and what you put into your own body- I guess small gov to businesses and big gov to memory body essays theatre, personal lives right? My God have you even listened to the GOP shout and argue with ANYONE that doesn’t TOTALY agree with EVERYTHING they say? Dems are not much better EXCEPT they aren’t as imposing. You can disagree with a Dem, or Liberal and still have a conversation with them- you cannot disagree with a GOP and still have a conversation bc they will just speak louder and nora a few words about breasts, get more insulting. On My? To even comment about liberals- btw liberals are not a party that has ever been in nora essay about, office so that just proves how stupid your comment really is- is to show just how simple minded you are. I’m a liberal bc I can think for myself and do not follow a party who demand you agree with everything they say. Talk about drinking cool aid the GOP are the main ones pouring the cool aid. Who invaded a country based on lies? Who let the economy inflate to an un-sustainable bubble for 7 years? In fact if you want to law assignments, point out facts every time a GOP has LEFT office in the past 50yrs the ephron essay breasts economy has always been in the toilet. Body Essays Theatre? If anything this device should be used to shut the GOP up as they continue to lie and mislead the simple minded like yourself.

I mean seriously you really think Liberals are the ones that run their mouth the most- as if you are so simple minded to label every one under one banner while ignoring the actions of your own party. Are we heading toward another ‘dark ages’ where people say they have had enough and nora essay words, universally reject all tecknowledgy both good and bad to get to english, a simpler and more honest time. Personally I will miss flushing toilets the most. As come on! Am I the only nerd in ephron essay a few about, the room yelling ..EARPLUGS. Simple cheap countermeasure…earplugs.

This is a neat effect, but so dependant on “proper” conditions that it is trivial to overcome. Look…I’ll jam my fingers in passion, my ears and have my say. La la la, I can’t hear myself. The amount of coverage this is getting is ephron a few about far out of proportion with the memory theatre device’s importance. Perhaps some totalitarian leader somewhere is just now stroking his moustache with Machiavellian glee, but these devices, while simple to construct and use, would be just as simple to resist. Nora Ephron Breasts? Want to speak freely, say at a political protest? Just put on a set of sound-blocking headphones so you can only hear your voice reverberating in your head whenever someone points one of these things at passion for tennis you. Essay About Breasts? Or pre-record your words of protest.

Or move out of the way. Or practice speaking even when the essays thing is pointed at you, etc., and I’m sure clever folks out there could easily devise an “anti-speech jammer” to counteract the effect. Ephron Essay A Few About Breasts? Anyone who doubts that people, even in a totalitarian context, wouldn’t rapidly find workarounds to for tennis essay, avoid the so-called “jamming” effect is grievously underestimating human ingenuity. (But then again, totalitarian governments tend to do that.) As far as the free world, if someone went around using these things, whether in business, politics, or elsewhere, the social backlash would be so severe they’d rapidly be forced to halt the practice. “Hey, that guy’s trying to point a speech jammer at us. What an essay a few breasts A-hole! Get him!” I fail to see any context in which the speech-jammer could survive un-hated, except perhaps as a party prank. It wont work, its a completely load of bollox, please ignore. Carry on, nothing to see here.

So this device can be invalidated by using a common pair of in-ear headphones and memory theatre death, a microphone taped to your throat or chest. Not actually that scary. It’s chilling when one considers the nora a few about zeal with which law enforcement in on my dissertation, the US took to using pepper spray and tasers, originally intended to nora a few words about, be “nonlethal force”, as “compliance tools”. I could totally see something like this used as “crowd control”. I have to admire the cops restraint with the OWS crowd. The zeal in which OWS liked to destroy private and public property…It’s especially easy to destroy things when you don’t have to pay taxes. Hey, this is vub GREAT! Can hardly wait to nora ephron about, test it out on essay english, Al Sharpton or Debbie Whatsername-Shulz. Hey, this is GREAT! Can hardly wait to test it out on Al Sharpton or Debbie Whatsername-Shulz.

Hey, this is GREAT! Can hardly wait to test it out on Al Sharpton or Debbie Whatsername-Shulz. Hey, this is GREAT! Can hardly wait to test it out on Al Sharpton or Debbie Whatsername-Shulz. Hey, this is GREAT! Can hardly wait to test it out on Al Sharpton or Debbie Whatsername-Shulz. What they really need to create is a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them! It would be a huge help for Joe Biden. What they really need to create is a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them!

It would be a huge help for Joe Biden. What they really need to create is a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them! It would be a huge help for Joe Biden. What they really need to create is a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them! It would be a huge help for Joe Biden. What they really need to a few about, create is a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them! It would be a huge help for Joe Biden. What they really need to create is a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them! It would be a huge help for Joe Biden. What they really need to create is memory theatre death a device that take your words BACK after you’ve spoken them! It would be a huge help for Joe Biden.

I would have so much fun with this thing. I would have so much fun with this thing. This device can be easily defeated by putting your fingers in essay breasts, your ears. The concept isn’t new. I remember a display at some science museum 40 years ago that demonstrated it using headphones. I interviewed the creator of this device, Dr. Memory Theatre? Kazutaka Kurihara. He’s a great guy, brilliant too.

Read the essay words interview at Cool — thanks for the link :) So, basically, we’d all be reduced to communicating with grunts and gestures.” I don’t see the memory body theatre problem in this scenario. Finally, something to shut the Westboro Baptist church up! Finally, something to shut the essay words about Westboro Baptist church up!

Where can I get one and on my, how much does it cost? I need one , loud mouth at cottesloe, can be silenced. This isn’t at all a problem for free speech. You could easily render it ineffective it just by wearing earplugs, and it can’t block communication over any channel other than in-person, individual speech. I want one of these to use at my school. I want one of these to ephron essay words breasts, use in my classes at school, I have a bunch of kids who don’t know when to stop talking and start listening. I want one of on my dissertation, these to use in my classes at school, I have a bunch of kids who don’t know when to stop talking and start listening. can i overcome the effects by essay breasts, wearing noise-reducing earplugs? if not noise cancelling headphones in combo w/plugs? “On the flip side, a totalitarian state could point the speech jammers at the audience to shut them up.”, No it actually could not do that. The effect it works by essay, only works on individual speakers.

It has a directional mike and essay a few about, directional speakers to essay english, play back the nora ephron a few individual speaker’s words directly at them. Replaying crowd noise back at the crown with a .5 delay won’t do anything. There’s an passion essay app for that! google “Speech Zapper” At its most basic, this gun could be used in. libraries and words breasts, other quiet spaces to passion, stop people from speaking — but its. second application is a lot more chilling. Download Speech Zapper app from nora ephron words about app store then attach a speaker to it, then get got the speech jammer gun.

Speech Jammer Software: Perfect for the “Hey hey, ho ho” crowd. “Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), which has long been known to interrupt your speech”, erm, what’s the difference between this and hearing your echoing voice in a large stadium or other similar environment? Nothing? Doesn’t stop people on stadium PA systems from passion essay speaking … That’s why you have to learn Japanese, the best website that offers this kind of service is I think for now in the wrong hands — criminals, for instance, or repressive governments — the device could have potentially sinister applications. Subscribe Today to get the latest ExtremeTech news delivered right to your inbox. Google’s Pixel Buds Bring Star Trek’s Universal Translator to Your Ears Oct 4 Yahoo Admits 3 Billion Accounts Were Breached in Earlier Attack Oct 4 ET deals: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 15.6-inch laptop for $460 Oct 4 20 in ’23: GM Joins the Parade to an All-Electric Future Oct 4 Western Digital Launches World’s First 14TB Hard Drive Oct 4. ExtremeTech is among the federally registered trademarks of. Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission.

We have updated our PRIVACY POLICY and encourage you to nora ephron a few words about, read it by passion for tennis essay, clicking here.

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10 Proven Health Benefits of Blueberries. Nora Essay A Few Words About. Blueberries are sweet, nutritious and wildly popular. Often labelled a superfood, they are low in calories and incredibly good for essay rubric, you. They are so tasty and convenient that many people consider them to be their favorite fruit. Here are 10 health benefits of blueberries that are supported by research. 1. Blueberries Are Low in Calories, But High in essay a few words Nutrients. The blueberry is a flowering shrub that produces berries that are colored blue to purple, also known as blueberries.

It is strongly related to similar shrubs, such as those that produce cranberries and huckleberries. Blueberries are small, around 5-16 millimeters (0.2-0.6 inches) in research on identity diameter, and have a flared crown at the end. They are green in color at first, then change to blue-purple as they ripen. These are the two most common types: Highbush blueberries are the most commonly grown species in the US. Lowbush blueberries are often referred to as wild blueberries. They are typically smaller and richer in some antioxidants.

Blueberries are among the most nutrient dense berries. A 1 cup serving (148 grams) of words about breasts, blueberries contains (1): They are also about 85% water, and an entire cup contains only 84 calories, with 15 grams of carbohydrates. Passion Essay. Calorie for calorie, this makes them an excellent source of nora a few words about breasts, several important nutrients. Bottom Line: The blueberry is a very popular berry. It is low in calories, but high in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. 2. Blueberries are the King of Antioxidant Foods. They protect our bodies from damage by free radicals, unstable molecules that can damage cellular structures and contribute to aging and diseases like cancer (2, 3). Blueberries are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of ALL commonly consumed fruits and paper vegetables (4, 5, 6). The main antioxidant compounds in blueberries belong to a large family of polyphenols, called flavonoids. One group of flavonoids in nora ephron words about breasts particular, anthocyanins, is thought to be responsible for much of the beneficial health effects (7). They have been shown to directly increase antioxidant levels inside the body (8, 9).

Bottom Line: Blueberries have the rubric, highest antioxidant capacity of nora about breasts, all commonly consumed fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids appear to be the major antioxidant compounds. Research On Identity. 3. Blueberries Reduce DNA Damage, Which May Help Protect Against Ageing and Cancer. Oxidative DNA damage is part of everyday life. It is said to occur tens of thousands of times per day, in nora ephron essay words every single cell in the body (10). DNA damage is part of the reason we grow older, and it also plays an body essays theatre, important role in the development of diseases like cancer (11).

Because blueberries are high in antioxidants, they can help neutralize some of the free radicals that cause damage to our DNA. In one 4-week study, 168 participants were instructed to drink 1 liter (34 ounces) of a mixture of blueberry and apple juice, every day. A Few Words About Breasts. At the end of the study, oxidative DNA damage due to free radicals was reduced by 20% (12). Essay Rubric. These findings have also been supported by smaller studies using either fresh or powdered blueberries (13, 14). Bottom Line: Several studies have shown that blueberries and nora a few about blueberry juice can protect against essay, DNA damage, a leading driver of essay words breasts, aging and cancer. Essays Theatre Death. 4. Blueberries Protect Cholesterol in The Blood From Becoming Damaged. Oxidative damage is not limited to our cells and DNA. It is also problematic when our circulating LDL lipoproteins (the bad cholesterol) are oxidized.

In fact, oxidation of nora essay a few, LDL is a crucial step in the heart disease process. Fortunately for us, the antioxidants in paper blueberries are strongly linked to ephron essay words about breasts reduced levels of death, oxidized LDL (15). A daily 50 gram serving of blueberries lowered LDL oxidation by 27% in obese participants, after a period of eight weeks (16). Another study showed that 75 grams of blueberries with a main meal significantly reduced the oxidation of LDL lipoproteins (17). Essay Words. Bottom Line: The antioxidants in blueberries have been shown to protect LDL lipoproteins (the bad cholesterol) from thesis oxidative damage, a crucial step in the pathway towards heart disease. 5. Blueberries May Lower Blood Pressure. Blueberries appear to have significant benefits for people with high blood pressure, a major risk factor for some of the ephron essay a few, world's leading killers.

In one study, obese individuals at a high risk for heart disease noted a 4-6% reduction in blood pressure, after consuming 50 grams (1.7 ounces) of blueberries per day, for eight weeks (18). Other studies have found similar effects, especially when looking at post-menopausal women (19, 20). Given that high blood pressure is one of the leading drivers of on my, heart attacks and essay words about breasts strokes, the implications of this are potentially massive. Bottom Line: Regular blueberry intake has been shown to lower blood pressure in numerous studies. 6. Blueberries May Help Prevent Heart Disease. Again, eating blueberries may lower blood pressure and oxidized LDL. On Identity. However, it's important to essay realize that these are risk factors , not actual diseases. What we really want to know is whether blueberries help prevent hard end points like heart attacks, which are the world's biggest killer (21). In a 2013 study on 93,600 nurses, eating plenty of anthocyanins (the main antioxidants in blueberries) was linked to a 32% lower risk of memory body essays theatre death, heart attacks (22). This was an observational study, so it can not prove that the nora essay about, blueberries caused the reduction in risk, but it seems likely given the known beneficial effects on risk factors.

Bottom Line: There is essay rubric some evidence that regular blueberry consumption can help prevent heart attacks. 7. Blueberries Can Help Maintain Brain Function and Improve Memory. Oxidative stress can accelerate the brain's aging process, having negative effects on brain function. According to animal studies, the antioxidants in blueberries tend to accumulate in areas of the brain that are essential for intelligence (23, 24). They appear to essay a few words breasts directly interact with aging neurons, leading to improvements in cell signalling. Human studies have also shown promising results. In one of these studies, 9 elderly participants with mild cognitive impairment consumed blueberry juice every day. Rubric. After 12 weeks, they had seen improvements in several markers of brain function (25). A six year study of ephron a few words about breasts, 16,010 elderly participants found that blueberries and strawberries were linked to delays in cognitive aging by up to 2.5 years (26). Bottom Line: The antioxidants in on my dissertation blueberries seem to have benefits for the brain, helping to improve brain function and delaying age-related decline. 8. Anthocyanins in Blueberries Can Have Anti-Diabetic Effects.

Blueberries are moderate in sugar when compared to other fruits. One cup contains 15 grams, which is equivalent to a small apple or large orange. However, the bioactive compounds in blueberries appear to ephron a few words about outweigh any negative impact of the sugar when it comes to blood sugar control. Research suggests that anthocyanins in essays blueberries can have beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and ephron words glucose metabolism. These anti-diabetic effects have been shown with both blueberry juice and thesis extract (27, 28, 29). In a study of 32 obese subjects with insulin resistance, a blueberry smoothie caused major improvements in insulin sensitivity (30). Improved insulin sensitivity should lower the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, which are currently some of the world's biggest health problems. Bottom Line: Several studies have shown that blueberries have anti-diabetic effects, helping to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. 9. Substances in Them May Help Fight Urinary Tract Infections. Urinary tract infections are a common problem in women. It is well known that cranberry juice can help prevent these types of infections.

Blueberries are highly related to cranberries, and contain many of the ephron essay about breasts, same active substances as cranberry juice (31). These substances are called anti-adhesives, and help prevent bacteria like E. coli from binding to the wall of the bladder. Paper On Identity. Blueberries haven't been studied much for this purpose, but chances are that they have similar effects as cranberries (32). Bottom Line: Like cranberries, blueberries contain substances that can prevent certain bacteria from binding to the wall of the nora ephron essay a few breasts, urinary bladder. This may be useful in on my dissertation preventing urinary tract infections. 10. Blueberries May Help Reduce Muscle Damage After Strenuous Exercise.

Strenuous exercise can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Nora Essay Words About Breasts. This is driven, in part, by law assignments essays, local inflammation and oxidative stress in the muscle tissue (33). Blueberry supplementation may reduce the damage that occurs at nora ephron words, the molecular level, minimizing soreness and reduction in muscle performance. In a small study of 10 female athletes, blueberries accelerated muscle recovery after strenuous leg exercises (34). On My. It is clear that blueberries are incredibly healthy and words nutritious. The fact that they are sweet, colorful, and can be enjoyed both fresh and frozen, is just a tasty bonus. We won't share your email address.

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Pride, Not Prejudice, Unbound and #AnthologyWeek. Friends! It’s a special occasion over at Unbound publishing. This week marks one year since the publication of their wildly successful book, The Good Immigrant ! TGI is a pioneering book, and ephron essay a few words, with it editor Nikesh Shukla opened the door for a whole host of on my dissertation anthologies, collections of nora breasts work by authors from marginalised communities whose voices might not otherwise be heard. I wouldn’t be writing to you today if not for The Good Immigrant . So why am I here writing to you today? I’m trans. You probably know that. And you can probably guess that I wasn’t always as open about it as I am now.

I’ve felt for passion essay a really long time since coming out that I wasn’t giving enough back to nora essay a few about my community. As writers I think we have a tendency to see ourselves as, at paper on identity, best, ‘armchair activists’: we put words on paper but what does that actually accomplish? But books can and words about breasts, do make a difference. Growing up I had no literature to refer to about being trans, let alone about being nonbinary. Paper! If I’d been able to pick up a novel where the nora ephron a few words about, main character was trans, or see a mention of someone like Marsha P Johnson or Christine Jorgensen in a school history textbook, I would have been deeply affected.

I would have known that I wasn’t weird or unnatural or alone, and that people like me have made, and are making, history. That’s what this book is for. We’ve gathered a group of transgender and nonbinary writers and activists and law assignments, bloggers and artists from ephron essay a few about breasts, a really diverse range of backgrounds, and with a wide range of different gender identities. Transness isn’t a monolith, nor is essays it the nora a few, be all, end all of ourselves as people. Essay Rubric! What I want this book to do is to tell other trans people that there’s nothing wrong with being trans, that their stories are important, and that they’re not alone. Nora Essay A Few Words! It’s what I would have wanted when I was a kid. If you want to help me and my fellow trans and genderqueer authors tell our stories, you can pre-order a copy of the book from our crowdfunding page. Please keep in mind that we can ONLY publish if we receive enough pre-orders to cover production costs, so I encourage you to pre-order.

What Ted Cruz’s Twitter Porn ‘Like’ Tells Us About His Generation. I woke up to a text containing the on my, following image this morning, and all I could be was grateful to my friends for keeping me up to date. I wasn’t even surprised. We live in a time when the president of the ephron essay about breasts, United States can talk about assaulting women on tv and get less than a slap on the wrist for it. What we also live in is a time when social media has absolutely saturated our everyday lives, and porn can (though I’ve got no idea why you’d want to on such a public medium – exhibitionism?) be accessed through this media. borrowed from this The Next Web article. The very basic rundown is memory body that Cruz – though I’m sure we’ll see some hapless intern take the hit for a few words breasts this – seems to have ‘liked’ a video posted by porn twitter account ‘@SexuallPosts’. I haven’t scrolled on that account far enough to find it (please, don’t make me) but as far as I know the passion, tweet is nora ephron essay words about breasts still up. Far from being an isolated incident, this case is part of a raft of similar occurrences involving male public figures, the internet and social media, and porn.

The one I’m most familiar with (give me a break, just googling ‘MP accidentally likes internet porn’ was enough to make me want to throw my laptop out the window) is the case of pastor William Henry Dewberry III, whose instagram account (and more) is pictured below: screenshot borrowed from twitter user @therealIBK. Taken in August of this year, the passion for tennis essay, screenshot says it all. (The aftermath: claims of nora ephron essay words breasts being hacked, the memory death, account was later shut down and, potentially, resurrected under the nora essay a few words about, same username by someone else with a sense of humor.) So let’s break it down. What exactly is on my dissertation bad about nora ephron a few words about breasts what these men are doing? Surely there’s nothing inherently wrong with showing their appreciation for media they find sexually arousing*, is there? But it is problematic. Rubric English! It’s upsetting because in all these cases, even setting aside the misogyny inherent in so much of the porn industry, it represents a fundamental dishonesty that says a lot about the people running this country. The descriptors that immediately spring to a few about breasts mind for memory body essays me are an odd mix of hypocrisy, naivete and entitlement.

Both men call themselves righteous, and use twitter – unlike how most of us use it – to nora ephron essay words breasts present a ‘public facing’ veneer to on my the world. A Few Words About! I can guarantee you that none of these dudes are tweeting about what they’re making for essay dinner or posting cat videos. But, somehow, again and again, it becomes clear that these masks they wear for the public, be they of wholesomeness or professionalism, do not completely cover the yucky bits underneath. It’s notable that in both these cases the men’s twitter accounts describe them as, in various ways, fighters for righteous causes. Dewberry’s IG account names him a pastor, and retired US soldier, both arguably admirable professions, though neither inherently morally righteous. Cruz’s profession is a mystery to no one, and he goes so far as to call himself, with nebulous accuracy, a ‘fighter for liberty’ (and choose a rather unfortunate cover image that centers on his groin area when minimized, nice going Ted). You may want to cry foul at this point, at least for Dewberry, and a few words, that would be fair: a brief look at his instagram account suggests it may indeed have been hacked.

But I posit that, as my links above suggest, these incidents are symptomatic of a larger problem. Paper On Identity! If someone wanted to frame him for some transgression, they had a very clear template to work off of. Powerful men using that most public of nora breasts apps to give us a glimpse of their most private of tastes. It would be ironic if it wasn’t so nasty. ‘Naive’, too, because these men are very consistently members of law assignments a generation who grew up before the internet and social media was readily available. This is where the comedic value of their behavior comes from: most of the ephron words, authors writing about these incidents are millenials or at least computer-conversant. To most of us, this stuff is so easy a child could do it. Memory Essays Death! Many of us are children. It’s baffling, frustrating, and a little bit satisfying to see that the people who control the production of laws, the propagation of nora ephron a few about breasts media, and the leading of our communities can be so demonstrably incompetent at body essays, something we’re all so familiar with. And ‘entitled’, as most of these men undeniably are, because the consumption of pornography is not by any means new; it has been available to nora ephron words breasts the general public far longer than the paper, internet has.

If you think about nora essay words about it, there’s never been any question that a lot of richtlijnen vub people, including politicians, consume pornography (though they seem to consume more than I do). But the fact that none of ephron essay breasts them seem to have been properly censured for it (though I note with satisfaction that Anthony Weiner does seem to for tennis have been charged) is galling. Though they’ve all been lampooned, their behavior shows no signs of changing. At the very most I think the other men who would get themselves in these situations will take these news stories as an object lesson: don’t get caught. Nora Essay About! And I wouldn’t expect any different, but it’s still disappointing. *It’s necessary to essays point out that it’s been claimed the nora words about breasts, porn Cruz ‘liked’ was in fact incest porn. Though I’ve been unable to theatre verify this, if true, then it’s very much wrong.

Today’s been a warm, calm, lonely day. I think I’m ready to go back home, back to ephron essay words work. I hiked for a couple hours earlier today and found that an experience I’d wanted to have – a period of time and essay, a place to walk where I could discern no sign of human activity – had been achieved, and that it was extraordinarily lonely. Nora Ephron Essay Words About! I had anticipated this and still wanted it but it’s helped me decide I’m not ready to leave humanity behind just yet. On the on my dissertation, ferry now, saying goodbye to Mljet. Nora Ephron A Few Words Breasts! The taxi I’d ordered for 9.30 came at 10, the 10.45 ferry left at 11. After a week and law assignments essays, a half in this country I haven’t managed to get used to how relaxed they are about nora essay a few about time. That’s a bit of a cliche about the Mediterranean, isn’t it? My host gave me a lovely cup of coffee and a bag of on identity bread and cookies – which I’ve already devoured – before I left. Nora Ephron Essay A Few Words Breasts! I had mentioned at the beginning I wanted to do some drawing (not just prose sketches) when I was here and my host really ran with that, even though I’m a complete amateur. But I suppose it’s good because it’s meant I’ve felt obligated to do some sketching, and I think I’ve improved that little bit.

I left a drawing for my host in the room I stayed in, but after all the research on identity, coffee and ephron a few words breasts, food and snacks is that enough? My host also said I should come back, and I’m thinking seriously about it. Essays Theatre Death! Is the purpose of travel purely to see new places? This trip wasn’t. I think the next time I need to wind down and get away from people, maybe I’ll come back to Polace.

At the very least I’ll recommend Pave’s place to my friends who decide to visit. [i’m back to nora essay a few words about numbering these again. Essays! Sorry.] Sunday 3 Sept, 6.38pm. Today was a tiring day, full of nora ephron essay about breasts muscles i’m not used to using. I’m better on a bike than I remember, and haven’t had a proper coughing fit all day, well, since 1 this morning. Richtlijnen Thesis! I’m sitting on the balcony watching the sun go down behind the ridge to the west of the town. The one I cycled up this morning.

I think I’m done with convalescence, which is to ephron a few words say I’m not giving myself any more excuses to sit inside and do nothing. The same can’t be said for sitting on the beach and doing nothing. Polace has this curious second sunset, something I imagine must be very common in hilly countries but which I’ve never experienced. Essay! I’ll watch the sun go down, around 6.40, but the sky will only change color, like a proper sunset, twenty minutes later when the sun goes below the horizon, which is behind the ridge. As I was biking back to nora a few Polace this afternoon a guy coming towards me lost his hat in research paper the road. I didn’t know what to do so I just said, enunciating very clearly, ‘HAT.’ and pointed. The same guy has just walked below my balcony. I wonder if he knows I speak English.

If not, it’s a bit less weird than me just having not processed the situation in time when his hat landed in the road. Maybe I only know the word ‘hat’, and not how to a few words about tell someone they’ve lost one. [I’m giving up on trying to number these entries, it doesn’t really add anything other than organisaton] Up early again this morning, had a good breakfast. I owe the dissertation, bakery one kuna (approx. .12 GBP) because I didn’t have exact change. I’m going to write until 1 and then go for a swim at the beach. It’s windy, clouds are scudding overhead, and there’s a restive quality to the town.

It’s very quiet and most of the ephron essay a few about breasts, yachts have moved elsewhere. Essay Rubric English! I look at nora ephron a few words about breasts, the weather prediction and I think I can guess why. We’re supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon and on my dissertation, tomorrow. I’ve always loved thunderstorms, probably beause (like rain, which I also loved until I moved to Edinburgh) they don’t happen often in California. And really, anything outside the norm is exciting and romantic to an extent. I’m pleased because I’ve got a good view over the little inlet and further east, out to sea, which is where I hope the a few, storm will come from. It’s still intermittently sunny, but I can see the law assignments, water getting choppier. 31 August, 9.50am. In Polace now. A couple hours to breasts kill before check-in so I’ve found a little pebble beach further along the inlet, at memory, the end of the nora essay a few words about, street that makes up the bulk of the town.

Polace is slower and more peaceful than Dubrovnik, I can already tell I’m going to like it here. I’m lying on pebbles, trying to favor my pulled serratus muscles, my feet in theatre the water. The tides in this spot are so invariable that, when I lie back and shut my eyes, it feels like nothing more than a playful nymph, a sprite, splashing me with seawater. First softly, now harder. Perhaps she is trying to wake me up.

I’ve just noticed the cicadas. They’re a constant low buzzing chirrup, coming from the pine trees all around us which run in places right down to the shore. It’s a sound that says ‘summer’ to nora ephron essay about breasts me though I’ve never lived in a place with cicadas. It fades from my consciousness without concentration. It’s almost subliminal and I wonder if it’s putting me in a sunny frame of mind, because all I want right now is to immerse myself in the cool blue water lapping at my feet. Today has been a lazy day. I went for passion essay a wander in the national park, got to nora ephron essay breasts see the lake. I spent about an hour sketching an abandoned boat sitting broken under a tree. There was no one waiting on me and rubric english, no one to worry about nora a few words about breasts entertaining, so I got to research finish.

Mljet has this kind of haze, I don’t know if it’s dust in nora essay words breasts the air or a light mist or what, but it creates a very evocative kind of on my dissertation layering, you can look out at essay a few, successions of paper on identity islands or hills, each one a little less defined. A Few Words About Breasts! I think this is called a landskein. Don’t know what I want to do with myself this evening. For Tennis Essay! Perhaps a walk. A man on a passing yacht walks from bow to stern, and appears to be walking in place. I swim in the sea.

This is something my mediterranean friends have told me to do. Nebulous medical benefits aside I had intended on it, if the nora ephron about, opportunity presented itself, from the beginning. Essay Rubric! Swimming in the Adriatic has had a kind of unattainable lustre in my mind for the last ten or so years. I’d been on a trip, a cruise, around Italy with my mother. We stopped – possibly for nora breasts tax or customs reasons, in Croatia for a day or two.

I have a memory – I had thought this was in Dubrovnik when I booked my holiday but I realise now it may have been Split – the clearest memory of the whole trip, of dangling my feet in clear, impossibly blue water. Some extrermely tanned German kids were swimming in passion for tennis essay a cordoned section of the sea on the other side of the jetty I was sitting on. Ephron Essay Breasts! Oh how I wanted to join them. But our time was nearly up and I had no swimsuit. Since then I’ve had a lasting fixation with clear blue water lapping against stone, unmediated by sand. This image has followed me even out of passion for tennis waking, I’ve had dreams of pristine travertine edifices facing onto a churning turquoise sea. I ease myself into the water at this beach fronted by a luxury hotel. No one stopped me accessing the beach, and clearly not everyone swimming is a guest there, but my cough and the general strange paleness of my body marks me out nora ephron a few words as an law assignments essays, interloper.

The water is the perfect temperature, but there are currents and nora ephron words about, I cannot draw enough breath to keep myself afloat. I tread water and paddle around like the essays, invalid I am, my breath coming in gasps. I manage five or ten minutes before I must get out, and then coughing takes me. But I can feel myself healing as I take the waters. Went kayaking in the sea today. Not much to say about it but that it was exactly what I wanted.

By some miracle I avoided a coughing fit for essay a few the whole three hours. It is only now that I have sat down to dinner that I begin. Perhaps I am like a shark, I’m at my most robust while moving. Perhaps that is on my why nights are so difficult. As I write I’m having prawns in garlic and nora words, risotto with cuttlefish ink, and vub, a glass of local white. Ephron Words About Breasts! I had a coughing fit at essays, my table between two other couples, and asked the ephron words, waiter if, because I felt I was disturbing them, I could move to vub a different table. When I said this none of nora essay a few breasts them disputed it, so it must have been true. This cough is making me obtrusive. I’m used to being able to go unnoticed if I want. This is not possible now.

CROATIA SKETCHES 1 // leaving Edinburgh. I awake surprisingly easily. This cough has been making sleep a matter of extreme self discipline, akin to richtlijnen thesis meditation. Nora Ephron Essay A Few Words Breasts! I’ve been waking at all hours, sleeping at most for stretches of six hours. I’m not exhausted, either, which surprises me. I shut the door to my flat behind me, trying not to think of law assignments what I may have forgotten. As I walk down Clerk St in the dark there are still people about. I had forgotten this was the last day of the fringe. These people have not gone to bed.

I nod good morning and they look back at me, suspicious or guilty. The kinship of the hour is not enough to nora essay about negate the strangeness of it. Nonetheless, their presence comforts the traveller in me. I am not alone. On Identity! I am a pilgrim and they are my silent guides. I’m at the airport. I’m still hawking up gobbets of yellow phlegm. They’re surprisingly solid and sit, foreign and complacent on nora essay a few, my tongue until I can spit them discretely into a square of toilet roll.

I’ve come prepared. The effects of the richtlijnen thesis, cocodamol are less pronounced than I would have hoped. Nora A Few Words Breasts! But still I cling to the idea of it like a lifeline. With the dissertation, cocodamol I can walk and talk and carry my backpack and that is all I need right now. I must remember to get change for the bus when the plane lands in Dubrovnik. Writing While Trans: my transition and my writing. It’s an a few words about, objective fact that I’m a better writer now than I was three years ago, before I started my transition. But why? Is correlation causation?

Have I just been getting better as I’ve gotten older and read and written more? Or is there a connection between living as my authentic self, demanding things for myself that I knew objectively I needed, and essay rubric english, my ability to render thought and feeling on paper? In this essay I want to think about how the development of about breasts my self as a person relates to the development of my skills as a writer. The first parallel that comes to mind is the element of essay english rejection, or rather, fear of rejection. Any serious writer has had to come to terms with rejection and nora ephron words about breasts, learn to work around it, to steady one’s hands and quell that urge to shut one’s laptop and english, give up writing forever at the first sign of ephron words about breasts criticism. Similarly, coming out essays as trans (however ‘soft’ the launch of my new gender presentation might have been) was an exercise in building up emotional calluses. This fear is nora a few something that I can say categorically every trans person, out or not, has had to deal with at one point or another, and dissertation, it’s something that I have had to overcome at the same time as I began undergoing hormone replacement therapy. It’s simply impossible to live one’s life in constant fear of being ridiculed, castigated or alienated for one’s gender presentation. This isn’t to nora ephron words about say that plenty of people don’t have to deal with this anyway: I don’t doubt there are hundreds if not thousands of essays trans people whose lives are still delimited by just these fears. I’ve been lucky enough to have friends and ephron a few, family supportive enough to convince me that the self I felt comfortable presenting was authentic and rubric, therefore valid.

I’m still a bit frightened of large white cisgender men but I can look them in the eye from out of this small, weird body, and suffer their looks back. Back to nora essay a few words writing, then. Despite the fact that I have and do use writing as an escape from the trials of living inside my self, it’s incontrovertible fact that my writer self is my transgender self. There cannot not be a connection, since my writing and my gender identity are arguably my two most important qualities. One of the most essential qualities for a writer is the dissertation, ability to ephron words breasts observe the law assignments, world around oneself, so as later to recreate it in various forms on the page: one has to process all one’s experiences through an added filter (or perhaps this is only my experience, but I don’t think so). Similarly, a prominent (at least for me) feature of the “transgender experience” has been a heightened awareness of my surroundings, specifically how the people around me are reacting to the self I’m presenting to them. It’s not really even a conscious thing, but it’s something I notice if I’m careful and, honestly, it’s something I’m trying to train myself out nora words of. At least, I’m happy being aware but hyper awareness carries with it a modicum of anxiety I’d very much like to be rid of.

Nonetheless, I have no doubt that I am both more observant and more empathetic since beginning my transition. I’ve heard it said (by myriad spurious sources) that the on my, best writers all had unhappy childhoods. I think for the most part this is nonsense. But I do think that ostracism from one social group or another, so often the defining feature of an unhappy childhood, is something that most transgender people deal with, sooner or later. Ephron Essay A Few Words About! It’s something that gives those children or people beginning their transition an outsider’s – and, I think, an observer’s – perspective. I think what this all comes down to essays is the way being a writer, or being transgender, attunes one to the emotions (passive or active) of others, and makes one a more sensitive observer of the world. It’s much harder for someone who is constantly checking themself to ignore the world around them, and I’m thankful that I have writing as an outlet – I’ve often said when confronted by ephron essay a few words breasts, an unpleasant experience, ‘at least I can write about this.’ Hello!

If you’ve read this far, thanks! I hope you liked my post. You may know that I’m working on crowdfunding a book called Pride, Not Prejudice, along with several other transgender writers. On My Dissertation! Crowdfunding means that we depend on individual pledges from people like you – people who are interested in transgender issues, or even just in nora ephron essay a few words expanding their own awareness – to make sure the research, book gets published. I’d really appreciate if you took the time to check out our crowdfunding page here, share it with your friends and family, and, of course, pledge for nora essay a few words about a special edition hardback copy of the richtlijnen thesis vub, book!

There is also a discount code available for trans people whose income is being put towards their transition. If you’d like the code, contact me and nora, I’ll send it to you! Writing While Trans: crowdfunding blog posts. So as many of you will know, I’m writing an essay for law assignments essays a book, Pride, Not Prejudice. I’ve decided as part of the fundraising process, and to raise awareness about this project I’ll be writing a series of short blog posts about the writing process, specifically how this stuff all works specifically for ephron words about breasts a transgender writer. Continue reading →

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cooking cover letter See a letter from Ellen about the donation campaign. Your help matters! Keep Ellen Cooking! Support New Pages! What cut of meat should I buy for my roast beef?

A: Every cut varies in ephron words about breasts, flavor and tenderness. Rib roasts and loins are naturally tender and flavorful. Dissertation? Chuck roasts are juicy due to their good marbling, but require lower, slower cooking to get tender. Rump and nora essay a few about breasts, round roasts are very lean and if thinly sliced can make excellent sandwiches, but they can be tough. Only the paper on identity top grades of round and rump have enough fat to roast well; many do better if braised, pot roasted or stewed. For a round roast, you want top round. Eye of the round LOOKS like a good roast, but is tough and needs moist heat; bottom round is nora essay a few words about breasts also pretty chewy when roasted. When purchasing a bone-in rib roast, be sure to richtlijnen vub, ask the essay a few words about butcher to trim off the feather, or chine, bone to make carving easier. I skip the boneless rib roasts. The bones give the roast a more dramatic look, add flavor and convey heat better into passion the roast.

Choose a rib roast that has a bright color with adequate milky white fat. Avoid dull colored meat and yellow fat; both are signs of poor quality. Also, look for even fat distribution and a good layer of fat around the nora ephron about ends. This isn?t the time to look for the leaner cuts. Trim: Look for an experienced butcher. English? The perfect prime rib needs a very professional touch, because a professional will know to leave it alone. Except for the feather bone mentioned above, the less trimming the better. Ephron A Few Words About? You want all the bone and essay rubric, fat right where it is.

Unless something is essay words about hanging off, no trimming. Size does matter. It might seem backwards but larger roasts are actually easier to cook. Small roasts are less forgiving. Think about it this way. A small roast can go from essay rubric, perfect to ruined in a few minutes, but a larger roast will give you a bigger window of nora ephron essay a few words breasts, opportunity. As long as you can fit your roast where you are going to research paper on identity, cook it (i.e. roasting pan, grill, smoker) you can go as big as you want. Smaller might seem easier, but it really isn?t. I don?t recommend a rib roast under three bones. What does it mean to nora ephron essay words, age a roast? A: This is rubric english a process of slowly drying out the meat under controlled conditions to concentrate the flavors and make it more tender.

Hard to find and more expensive, because the meat shrinks and ephron essay a few breasts, loses weight as it ages. For Tennis? Why are the ephron a few cooking times different for different roasts of the same size? A: With beef roasts, the size and shape of the piece and the amount of fat or marbling in the beef affects the cooking time. Larger roasts are more forgiving in their cooking- they are harder to research, overcook and get more tender with long slow cooking. What is nora breasts a standing rib roast or prime rib? A: A standing rib roast is another name for a bone-in rib roast. There are up to 7 ribs on the rib roast, from the chuck or shoulder back to the loin; the prime rib is usually NOT prime grade, but refers to thesis, the 3 or 4 ribs next to the loin. Also called the small end, these are the most tender. How big a beef roast do I need to buy to feed 20 people? A: This varies depending on whether you are carving yourself or serving buffet style. For party size entree servings that YOU serve, typically, you can plan for 1/2 pound boneless uncooked roast per person, which gives 6 ounces cooked meat per person.

For self service, you must allow 10 ounces per person. For bone in standing rib roast, allow 1 full pound per person for party-size servings. Thus, for ephron about 20 people, you would need 20 pounds, or two to three roasts. Note: The USDA's food guide pyramid recommended serving sizes are 3 ounces cooked meat or 4 ounces uncooked. However, expect your guests to eat more than this average serving at party or holiday meals. For receptions or come and go cocktail parties, you need about 1/2 what you would want for law assignments essays a sit down meal. For pot roast with vegetables or pulled beef sandwiches, you can allow 6 ounces raw boneless beef per person. How many minutes per pound do I cook my roast? A: The minutes per pound varies depending on how big your roast is and what cut of beef you have. Refer to the Estimating Cooking Time for Large Beef Roasts timetable below for advice on specific times.

Should I cook it hot or low and slow?How well done should I cook my roast? A: Dry or open roasting is a great cooking method for a large, tender cut of beef ? such as a rib or sirloin roast. Sirloin-tip, rump, rolled-rump, eye-of-round or top-round roasts can also benefit from nora essay words breasts, this cooking method if they are graded prime or choice. Memory Death? Lesser grades and lesser cuts will benefit more from nora a few about breasts, a wet cooking method, known as braising or potroasting. There are two modern basic approaches to dry-roasting beef: cook the meat from start to passion, finish at a consistent slow to medium temperature, which reduces shrinking and sputtering and essay, produces a juicy, evenly-cooked roast but no crusty edges; or form a crust by putting it in a very hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning or end of the roasting, using a lower temperature for the remainder of the dissertation cooking time, which helps brown the ephron words roast and caramelize its surface juices. Contrary to a widely held belief, however, this browning does not sear the surface and thereby lock in its juices, and richtlijnen vub, it DOES cause shrinkage up to 1/4 the original weight of the meat. How well done should I cook my roast? A: Cook a roast medium rare for a large group of people, especially if you will be reheating. The end pieces will be well done and the middle will be more rare which will give your guests a variety to choose from. You would know that the roast is done when the temperature in the center of the roast reaches 120?F to 125?F, (49?C to 52?C) for rare, 130?F to 140?F (55?C to essay about, 60?C) for thesis vub medium rare, 145?F to 150?F (63?C to 66?C) for medium, and nora a few words about breasts, 155?F to 165?F (68?C to 74?C) for well done. (Note: 120? is a very rare roast).

How do I know when my roast is done? Do I really need a thermometer? A: Using the roasting timetable recommended minutes per pound as a guide for on identity when your roast should be done, you will be able to make a good initial estimate. But roast beef is EXPENSIVE, they vary by size, shape, and fat and ovens differ in cooking times. Don't waste your money or your effort: the best way to determine when your roast is cooked is to use a meat thermometer.

Know what kind of thermometer you have: the instant read meat thermometers will either melt or explode if left in the meat in the oven. Also check the accuracy: 5 degrees is the difference between rare and medium for some cuts. How do I check and calibrate my meat thermometer? A: You can check both the old fashioned in-oven and instant read thermometers, and you can adjust or calibrate instant read thermometers if they are off, as long as they have a tiny calibration screw and can read from nora ephron a few words, 32-212. To check if your thermometer is correct, you need to test it in freezing and in boiling water. Start by filling a glass with ice and memory essays death, adding water to fill. Insert the ephron a few breasts meat thermometer and check to see if it reads 32?F. On My? If it does not read 32?F (freezing), find the nora ephron a few breasts tiny screw at the base of the thermometer and turn it slightly until the needle reads the correct temperature. Next, boil some water in a sauce pan on your stovetop. Vub? Insert the meat thermometer and essay a few, check to see if it reads 212?F (boiling). Again, adjust the research paper screw at the base of the thermometer until it reads the correct temperature when inserted in the boiling water.

Altitude/ Sea level Alert: Water boils at 202 in Denver. Make sure you are at or around sea level, or allow for your altitude. Why do you recommend a shallow uncovered pan? What about a Dutch Oven? A: In roasting, the hot air acts on the surface of the ephron a few about roast to caramelize the meat juices and form a delicious crust. If it is passion covered, or the sides are too high, the moist surrounding the meat prevents this tasty crust from forming. A Dutch Oven is typically used to make pot roasts. It is a large, heavy pot 3-4 inches deep with a close fitting lid.

It retains a great deal of moisture, stewing or braising rather than roasting the meat. To clean the nora ephron essay a few about breasts towels for essay english re-use, soak the soiled towels, immediately upon nora essay words breasts removing them from the essays meat, in cold water overnight. Next, soak them in nora essay a few words about breasts, cold, salted water for 2-3 hours to essays, remove any blood stains. Then launder separately IN HOT WATER WITH CHLORINE BLEACH. Butchers used to cover sides of beef with cotton shrouds during the aging process - this is essentially the same thing. Preheat the oven at least 1/2 hour, especially if doing more than one roast.

Place rack in the lowest position so the the middle of the roast will be in ephron essay a few about, the middle of the oven. Remove roasts from refrigerator 1/2 to law assignments essays, 2 hours before cooking. Trim most fat from beef roasts, leaving an even layer over nora ephron a few about the top to essay rubric english, self-baste while cooking; season. If you are a garlic family, stab all over with a thin knife and slide in bits of garlic to a few words about, taste. Place on racks fat side up in shallow roasting pans, grouping roasts by for tennis essay size. Do not cover; do not add liquid unless you are making a covered pot roast type roast. Ephron About? Insert ovenproof meat thermometer into center of rubric english, smallest roast so that tip is not touching fat or gristle. Place your thermometer in the middle of the piece in a nice solid muscle.

For a more potroast-y effect, you seal it all up in a foil package with the nora ephron essay words breasts tight multi-folded butcher wrap closures that don't leak. If you do it this way and want saucy gravy, for a 20 pound roast put a cup of dried onion flakes, about 6-8 cups (6 cans) of thick cream sauce or cream of mushroom soup on vub, top the roast before sealing. Nora Ephron Essay A Few Breasts? Conventional oven; 325?F. Convection oven: 275?F. Roast in preheated oven 8 to 23 minutes per pound (see table below) or until internal temperature of the dissertation smallest roast reaches 125?F to 155?F. Remove from pan at desired temperature. Nora Essay A Few Words About Breasts? Transfer thermometer to next larger roast and repeat procedure until all roasts are cooked. This usually takes no more than 1/2 to 1 hour additional if the on my dissertation roasts are close to the same size. Nora Ephron About? As you remove each roast from the oven, tent it with aluminum foil; let it rest at least 15, up to 60 minutes to redistribute juices and finish cooking. Temperature will continue to rise 5?F to 10?F. Allow for this further cooking when calculating what temperature to pull out the roast at.

Use a meat slicer to slice rested roasts thinly across the grain for optimum tenderness. Thesis? An experienced carver with a good sharp knife is a second option. Most beef roasts taste better thin-sliced, and except for prime rib, thin sliced is ephron essay a few words MUCH more tender. Estimating Cooking Time for essay Large Beef Roasts. If you roast at ephron a few words a steady 325?F (160?C), subtract 2 minutes or so per pound. If the roast is law assignments refrigerated just before going into the oven, add 2 or 3 minutes per pound.

WARNING NOTES: Remember, the rib roast will continue to nora, cook as it sets. For example, the temperature of for tennis, a roast removed from a conventional oven at 120 degrees F will rise to ephron essay about, 125 degrees F to 130 degrees F. internal temperature (medium rare) at for tennis essay 15 to a few words about, 20 minutes. If allowed to rest as long as an hour, the temperature will rise even higher. So, pay attention to both the temperature you remove the roast at, and how long you let the cooked roast sit. Special Considerations for Convection Ovens: If you use a convection oven, the temperature of your roast can rise as much as 30 degrees - so remove roast from oven at 110?F on your meat thermometer for rare, 115 degrees F to 120 degrees F degrees for medium rare, and 125 degrees F for medium doneness.

NOTE on holding a roast : You can hold a roast for one to two hours after it is ready. Rubric English? To hold cooked roast until serving time, immediately turn off oven and leave door ajar after removing roast . Let roast sit 15 minutes on counter and then return roast to the oven, door closed, for up to nora ephron a few words about, an hour, or even 2 hours for the biggest roasts. Check the temperature every 15 minutes. Dissertation? It will rise approximately 10? F at nora essay a few words about first, then gradually subside. NOT including standing time.

Pot roasted moist. *This cut varies a lot in shape and amount of marbling/ fat, cooking time varies more than any other roast. Use the thermometer! Warning. The reason the chuck gets tender is the SLOW roast. Cook it fast and it will be done but not tender.

Cooking One Prime Rib By the Hi/Low Method. Meat Thermometer Reading (Rare) 60 to 70 minutes. 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours. 9 to memory essays theatre death, 10.5 pounds.

1 3/4 to 2 1/4 hours. 11 to 13.5 pounds. 2 1/4 to nora ephron a few about, 2 3/4 hours. 14 to 16 pounds. 3 to thesis, 3 1/4 hours. 16 to 18.5 pounds. 3 1/4 to nora ephron essay a few words, 4 hours. Cooking Two Roasts At the vub Same Time.

4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) sweet paprika. 2 tablespoons chili powder. 2 tablespoons ground cumin. 1 tablespoon salt. 1 tablespoon dried oregano. 1 tablespoon granulated sugar. 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar. 1 tablespoon ground black pepper.

1 tablespoon ground white pepper. 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper or more to nora ephron essay breasts, taste. OPTIONAL 1-2 teaspoons Accent (MSG) OPTIONAL 1 teaspoon dry mustard. OPTIONAL 1 teaspoon garlic powder. OPTIONAL 1 teaspoon onion powder. Mix all ingredients together in rubric, a 1 gallon plastic zip top bag.

Can be stored in a few words breasts, an airtight container at room temperature. Memory Death? Store away from heat or light for up to six months. What's New? Check Out the New Pages Page. Click Ellen's Kitchen Updates to request updates, suggest new topics or report a broken link, comment, or question.

Put updates in nora ephron a few words breasts, the subject line if you are requesting updates. Essays Theatre Death? PLEASE send questions separately from update requests.